10 Ways to Celebrate During Quarantine

May 11, 2020

anniversary date nights at home during quarantine

You can still make celebrating your anniversary at home during quarantine both memorable and special. Below is a list of 10 creative & fun ways you can celebrate this year.

1. A wine & cheese night. As many of you know, this is one of my favorite activities to do with friends as well as a date night activity. Now you can book a wine tasting or picnic with La Jolie Bride!
2. A movie night with all your favorite snacks
3. Explore the best museums from all over the world right at home by taking a virtual museum tour.
4. Go for a hike or take an online workout class together.
5. Celebrate by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant and have a candle lit dinner at home.
6. Get dressed up and dance along to the song of your first dance.
7. Visit the location of where you first met or incorporate an activity that is a nod to your first date.
8. Have a theme night and center everything around it. For example, take an Italian cooking class, eat gelato and watch Roman Holiday.
9. Look at photographs from your wedding and reminisce about your first day as Mr. & Mrs.
10. Make a fancy cocktail together and answer the 36 Questions that Lead to Love.

Are you interested in having your at-home celebration photographed? Schedule a mini session today!

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