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Bouquet Preservation

bouquet preservation, wedding bouquet, modern bride

Make your wedding last longer with modern bouquet preservation! I am excited to announce that I am now teaming up with Heirloom Bouquet to offer this unique service to all my brides and grooms. This timeless & custom piece of art will become one of your favorite heirlooms that you, your family and future generations can enjoy for years to come.

What is the Process from Start to Finish?
1. After your wedding, I will take your bouquet home with me so that I can photograph it. I’ll deconstruct & style all of the blooms + greenery.

bouquet preservation, wedding bouquet, flower flatlay, modern bride

2. All of the final flatlay images and a list of your flowers will be sent to the Heirloom Bouquet. They will then go in and add in beautiful handwritten calligraphy for each flower.

bouquet preservation, wedding bouquet, flower flatlay, modern bride

3. Heirloom Bouquet will also handle the printing, packaging and shipping straight to your doorstep. You can then enjoy your new framed piece of art in your home.

bouquet preservation, wedding bouquet, flower flatlay, modern bride, custom wedding art, wedding heirloom

Are you interested in adding bouquet preservation to your wedding collection?
If so, send me an email today to learn more!
* All images were provided by the Heirloom Bouquet

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She captured some of the most special images could have ever imagined and we will treasure them forever.

- Holly + Ari


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