Jessica K. Feiden is a

global destination wedding photographer based in Boston, MA. She captures effervescent couples seeking an immersive photographic experience cultivated in artistry, culture, and celebration. 

As a luxury destination wedding photographer, Jessica loves the global travel that comes with photographing her clients’ love stories in vibrant locations. Coming from a long line of small business owners, she holds the value of legacy dear. Striking a balance between artfully posed and raw unfolding moments, Jessica curates portrait photography with expertise. She seeks to create effervescent imagery that is as enduring as her client’s legacy. 

Jessica began her career in the corporate world after graduating with a degree in graphic design, a nod to her love of the arts. With a longing for deeper meaning and a desire to revisit her artistic upbringing, Jessica left the world of the 9-5 to capture what sets her soul on fire. With her eye for art curation, she is an observer of her client’s love story moving between masterful poses to in-between moments that unfold naturally during their wedding day. 
She is known for her warm and calming presence on the wedding day, while expertly guiding her couples through formal portraits, beautiful poses, and celebratory moments. When not photographing her beloved couples, Jessica loves running marathons, globetrotting to picturesque places, and enjoying an evening at home with a glass of bubbly. 

Beyond Photography...

Beyond photography, there are so many aspects of life that make me, me! From running to traveling the world, here, I share a little glimpse into what life looks like for me outside of the all the pretty with weddings! I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about you, too!


If money grew on trees, I would travel the world and run a marathon in every state and continent! (I’ve ran in 19 states -
3 full marathons and 18 half marathons)


I’ve traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Scotland, Bermuda & Canada


 I feel more at home in a  J.Crew blazer than in a pair of lululemon pants.


My bubbly personality matches all of my favorite beverages (champagne & seltzer water)


I come from a family with a long line of small business owners. (I have the same initials as my grandfather who ran his own furniture store)